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Secrets of Art Commissions

Art commissions should feel easy, but they can be intimidating, especially because art styles and people’s tastes are so widespread.

The reality is that filling walls with pleasing artwork is also part of a designer’s services, and collaborating with an experienced interior designer can make it easier. If you choose to work on your own with an artist, remember the following helpful art secrets before commissioning artwork.


Secret No. 1 

Commission artwork by first determining the function of the art.

The commissioning of artwork pieces is more straightforward when following a plan. Ultimately, finishing a project with artwork that represents each function will create an ideal balance of art.

Not every piece of art is meant to be “the heart and soul of a room.” Artwork has unique and special purposes when it works with a designer’s vision.

Jade of Jade Brown Creates proudly provides artwork for one of London’s well-known and respected design team, Lilly Home + Design.


All artwork falls into categories of functions: 



As a backdrop:

  • A large-scale artwork or diptych fulfills a necessary field of colour.
  • A backdrop piece works well over a sofa, seating area, or behind a dining room table.
  • An intensely textured and scrubby (with a lack of focus) abstract is just what these spaces need to add coziness and promote conversation.
  • A high gloss abstract (using resin) shows off beautifully in the dimmed light of a dining room pendant.




commission-artwork-plaster-botanicalAs a feature or highlight:

  • A featured artwork or a “hey, look at me” artwork can be displayed in a first impression spot like a foyer, over a fireplace, a prominent place at the top of a landing, a wall in a great room, dining room, or on a wall viewable from a dining nook.
  • It might highlight an aspect or theme of your design.
  • It could be an artwork expressing emotions around the homeowners’ passions that gives guests a glimpse into their hosts’ personalities.
  • It adds further charisma to your overall design.
  • It might be large (over a fireplace) or smaller (in a foyer.)




commission-artwork-acrylic-personalized-pet-portraitAs a personalized art piece:

  • Not every project requires personalized artwork related to the homeowner(s). However, it always results in a homeowner feeling considered and appreciated by you, the designer.
  • A personalized piece often includes the image of pets or loved ones.
  • A client’s personalized artwork will be completed in a style and size specific to your design vision.
  • A home office, a secondary wall, or a hallway is perfect for personalized art.






Commission-artwork-from-interior-design-wall-art-jade-brown-createsAn artwork that stimulates a response:

  • Art is at its finest when it facilitates provocation or invites reflection, scrutiny, distress, or happiness, feeding our brains’ love of engagement.
  • Whether it stirs discussion, helps bring about a meditative state, or entertains a viewer, this kind of artwork can naturally live in a great room, dining room, or even a dramatic place in a hallway or bedroom.






Acrylic-painting-raw-canvas-harbourSmaller art pieces:

  • Guests will only briefly view a powder room art piece, but the quality of the art is the detail they will notice in that small space.
  • Skip the print and offer a small(ish) original piece of art in a powder room.
  • You could display a new style of art, a flat hanging canvas, to leave an impression.
  • A smaller piece in a bathroom might reflect the mood of your design project, giving people a glimpse into your client’s personality.
  • Abstracts, either a well-framed piece or having an added “special something,” can be best for these small-sized artworks.
  • (Primary bathrooms are perfect for artwork that matches the drama of your design.)



As a primary bedroom artwork:

  • The primary bedroom is often the place for a large wall art piece.
  • It is a homeowner’s place of solace, rejuvenation, and children that will not go away. And, of course, hopes and dreams for said children.
  • Soft landscapes and scrubby abstracts imbue the bedroom with a colour-harmonized calm mood.






Secret No. 2 

Commission artwork from an artist who is also an interior design artist. 

Artists with experience working with interior designers have a good sense of where your piece will fit well, and they can advise on colours that will suit the location and the room. Some artists have many ideas and provide art services in numerous styles and mediums. If you are considering renovating and getting new artwork, an interior designer will help you put it all together.

It is advantageous to align yourself with a creatively versatile artist with design strengths and excellent communication skills to ensure the best outcome.


Secret No. 3 

Provide inspirational photos of what you like and photos of your room. 

The artwork will be created more easily by the artist and be less costly for you if you provide a few inspirational photos for you and the artist to work with. The artist will provide a mockup or sketch and their ideas for any highlights or sizes for the artwork. See Jade’s art for sale.

An artist will ask a few questions:

  • About the colours you like.
  • Whether you want, for instance, an abstract or something that brings you closer to nature.
  • Whether you like texture.
  • What your budget for art is.



Secret No. 4

Successful art commissions rely on good communication. 

Over-communicating is the best rule of thumb; even a tiny presumption can change things in a way that may affect the finished product. An artist will provide a price before they begin so you can budget for the work.

Jade Brown is an experienced artist who has successfully created art for many art lovers. Please contact me with your ideas and inspirational photos.


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