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What is The Difference Between an Interior Design Artist and A Fine Artist? 

The difference between a fine artist and an interior design artist lies in their chosen artistic preferences. The interior design artist possesses a unique set of skills that aligns more easily with the art needs of an interior designer. They are commissioned by designers to create specific works of art in specific sizes, styles, and mediums for their clients.

Art pieces are a big part of every interior design project, and the designer’s acquisition of art for their clients is easier and more flexible using an interior design artist than it may otherwise be by purchasing prints.


Some of us are both an interior design artist and a fine artist. Contact Jade Brown with your ideas.

Let’s get started. Call or text Jade at (519) 933 4390.


Nothing can compete with hand-done artwork by a fine artist or an interior design artist. 

abstract art blue and white on raw wood

Even if high-end prints are texturally embellished after the fact, they are still prints.

The shipping and border charges can make single larger-sized wall-art acquisitions impractical for most project-by-project requirements.

Working with a local interior design artist can solve that cost-prohibitive problem. Because large-sized art always looks impressive in a space, with the services of an interior design artist, authentic hand-done art can become an added service for designers and save clients money. We all appreciate custom art.



See Jade’s art in an Old South collaboration with designers here.


art-for-interior-designFlexibility, creativity, and high-quality artistry are critical attributes of a successful design artist. Designers are often artists, too. So, they have a specific vision for the art. Using an artist who understands their ideas lessens their workload, allowing for a satisfying project completion.


The interior design artist’s work must follow the feel of the inspiration photos supplied. 

An experienced interior design artist has a background in providing interpretive or conceptual work and will paint the favourite parts of a designer’s inspirational photos. Confirming these concepts is often over text or by phone. The interior design artist asks the designer questions to ensure the finished piece is completed as requested. Technically, additions and interpretations make the artwork custom.


The art can be any size in a price range that works for the interior designer.

Jade produces work on canvases and wood panels that are 1.5” in depth (gallery depth), meaning there is no need for a frame. Typical sizes can be supplied, and custom sizes can be ordered.



What does a career as a fine artist, abstract artist (or other descriptor that comes before the term artist) look like?

Jade is both a fine artist and an artist who works with designers, bringing their ideas for their clients to life.

A fine artist explores the evolution of an art idea and creates a collection or series. The ultimate goal for this kind of artist is to exhibit, be recognized by their peers, and have gallery representation.

Deciding on the kind of art to explore, for instance, abstract, watercolour, sculpture, photography, or another type, is often difficult for creative people. In fact, many artists pursue multiple avenues.


There are many opportunities for an artist.

There are, of course, many opportunities for the individual artist. They can sell their inspired works to designers looking for a truly original piece for a client or pursue the trajectory of a fine artist selling their work online. The image of an artist working alone is very often true, although occasional discussions with people during commissions and marketing opportunities provide engagement.

Whether working with designers or not, a career as an artist is very fulfilling.


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