London, ON

Art for Sale

Art and creativity have always been a part of my life. It is a privilege to be creating again after a decision to fulfill my artistic pursuits professionally (see my About page). I am deeply interested in repair, of ourselves and the people we care about, and how we can make better futures. I create art influenced by these ideas, by my love of nature, and by an early exposure to abstractionism that pushes my exploration to blend these components. My art is made with a range of mediums and is always creative. Request a custom art piece of a particular colour or size, or ask about buying an artwork. Thank you for stopping by. – Jade

Client Testimonials

"Jade manages to align with our thoughts perfectly. A versatile artist and great communicator"
Anne and Jessica
Lilly Home + Design, London, ON
"I commissioned a mixed media artwork from Jade, and it was a fantastic experience. Her creative designs were stunning, she met tight deadlines, and her pricing was reasonable. Jade's dedication to perfection made the final piece outstanding."
Hannah Handson
London, ON
"As a third-generation art collector, I’m proud to own artworks that range from signed Modernist originals to naïve South American folk art, and more contemporary painters. The Jade Browns in my collection more than hold their own; they are diverse in their styles media, and size, and are often the first visitors gravitate to."
Toronto area physician